Mission Statement

To help individuals find closure after the loss of a relationship by providing quality services and products which promote comfort and healing through a ceremony attended by those who offer support during this time of loss.

Our Story

Bury the Jerk LLC had it's christening event at the fall of a long "on again off again" relationship.  Closure for this relationship was overdue and would never be obtained with my ex; I would have to find it on my own.  Words spoken by a friend after my first husbands death came back to me..."at least you're not going through a divorce".  I thought the statement crass at the time, but when I experienced divorce, I understood completely.  When someone dies it's final, there's no negotiating anymore...you participate in long standing traditions that encourage you to grieve and find closure.  With this in mind, I knew what had to happen.  We were going to have a "relationship funeral".  My friends and I gathered together at one of my ex's favorite upscale restaurants in company of a homemade coffin, two eulogies...my friends had lots of things to say about putting this particular relationship to rest, parting gifts of support, laughs and tears as I began the process of grieving a relationship that I had held very dear.  As I look back on this event from two years ago, I realize what a wonderful experience it was for me, and how it enabled me to leave that relationship behind and not come burdened with left over garbage into the next.  I hope that by bringing this service together in our kits, many others will be able to truly find the closure they need to move on happy and whole!

Bury the Jerk


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