Steps to Hosting a "Relationship Funeral" After Breakup or Divorce

First - Click on the "Build the Relationship Funeral" Tab.

Next - Select your "Relationship Funeral Service" option

The link will then take you into the selections to "Select your Tombstone"* and Choose your Jerk/Bimbo.

*Tombstone selection non-optional for the "Bury the Bimbo" kit

Third - Click on "Continue Shopping" to add other merchandise to your cart

Finish by Confirming your Order and Proceeding to Checkout


"Parting" Party Theme Ideas

Here are some Ideas from our Clients to add a Twist on a New Favorite!

Are You going to Explode the Next Time You have to Deal with Your Husband's "Ex"....Get the Crew together and Vent-Vent-Vent then put Her to "Rest'!

Guys...Don't be a Living Tribute to George Jones....Stop Loving Her TODAY!!! Get your Friends and Family together because They're Ready for You to MOVE ON!!!

One For the Boss...Ever see the 1980's Classic Movie "9-5"...Here's an Easier Answer to Release that Rage!!!

"I want one for my Wife...I'm so Tired of Issues from her Previous Marriage Coming into Ours...I'm going to Place the Coffin on the Kitchen Counter so when one of "Those Issues" comes up I can say...That has Nothing to do with Our Marriage-go Put it in the Coffin with the Jerk!!!

Remember..."IF" He wasn't a Jerk...You'd still be with Him!

Bury the Jerk


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